My Personal Inquiry

My Personal Inquiry

Revisit your Personal Inquiry question you posted at the end of Module 1 and compose a blog post that reflects your current thinking and progress about your context, role of leadership, and the role of technology. What connections are you making between your own Inquiry and those of your cohort colleagues?

My original personal inquiry was – “How can I use technology within the PE/Health context to allow students to create and explore within the subject areas without taking away from their time to move and be active within the class?”

After listening/viewing sources over the last week and reading my colleagues’ personal inquiries, I have updated it as follows – “How can I encourage my students to lead their own investigation of devices and apps to allow them to achieve their fitness goals?”

Student agency has been something that we are encouraging in the middle school and it is something that I know can be better utilised in the MS pe/health program.  Allowing students to pursue their own interests in the area will help with their engagement.  Also, they are more well versed on devices and apps than I am so allowing them to take the lead will assist me in knowing more about what is out there in terms of fitness/health tools.  Designing a program based on student interest is exciting and something that will encourage more participation and engagement.

After reading my colleagues’ inquiries, a reoccurring theme of balance appeared.  We all want to use the technology available, but we also want a balance between tech use and collaboration, activity, etc.  Exciting times ahead!


One thought on “My Personal Inquiry

  1. Hi Jared – very interesting reading about your personal inquiry topic. Mine is morphing to be about how we can meet students more in their own digital worlds, so your topic is a great connection to mine. I agree with you that allowing students to pursue their own interests helps with engagement. I am interested to see what comes of your inquiry, especially to see what apps you end up using and how you ensure that balance is maintained throughout the process!


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