Blog Post #7: Values, Understanding, and Play

Blog Post #7: Values, Understanding, and Play

As a leader, identify 1 element of change that you believe is important and explain by referencing to your context.

Change comes in many forms.  It is essential for growth, but it can also cause anxiety and complications.  Usually, these negative feelings surrounding change occur because of a lack of preparation and understanding prior to the change occurring.  This can be especially true when it comes to technology reform in schools.  As Mike Pelletier mentioned in the interview, it is important to be clear on what is going to be learned before implementing technology.  Also, preparing all stakeholders for the change before it happens can help tremendously in avoiding issues or pitfalls.

Singapore American School (SAS) has five core values: compassion, honesty, fairness, responsibility, and respect.  These “old school” values may not seem to apply to 21st century learning or technology use, but I think they are very appropriate.  Being a good digital citizen means being a good citizen in general.  The middle school physical education program focuses a lot on social responsibility which relates to technology use.  With tools that allow students to access information, collaborate online, give feedback to their classmates, and interact with people all over the world, having a solid value system is important to assure that our behaviour online is a true representation of our behaviour in general.

As a leader, I would caution against rushing into tech reform in schools.  Understand why it’s happening, and how the tech tools can advance our way of educating our students as the SAMR model suggests.  Use technology when appropriate to enhance the experience rather than forcing it’s use or using it as a substitution for another method.  As a physical educator, balance is essential when it comes to tech use and reform.  On twitter, Tony Greaney posted an outstanding iPad article about the dangers of screen time and the lack of play in which today’s students engage.  Finally, make sure our students understand what it means to be a model citizen; online or otherwise.


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